“Mary is incredible at what she does. She can tell where you are tense every time and has performed what I consider miracles in fixing many of my back problems. She is very responsive and can tell what your body is doing and what needs to be worked on. I would highly recommend Mary and Massage Frog to anyone, as her attitude, professionalism, and skills are top notch.”
Lorenzo L. – Henderson, NV

“Massage Frog is the best idea ever for small businesses. Our whole team sits in front of computers with hunched over backs and tired eyes all day long. We have a very stressful and demanding job at times. I originally called to see if they could come just to do a one time chair massage just as a “thank you” idea and special perk for all of us working so hard. Due to schedules, it morphed into a special birthday massage for one of our employees. After Massage Frog came for the first time, everyone enjoyed it so much that we decided to make it a priority and do it weekly. It’s something that we love, we look forward to it, it saves our stress levels, builds team spirit, increases productivity, and I think should be a requirement offered at all desk jobs. Having those moments of bliss makes everything else at work seem less stressful and worth it. It’s a very low cost for the amount of people who benefit from it. Our whole team is worked on in an hour or two and we all take turns based on our workload. After we get done, you can feel the energy in the room is much calmer and blissful. I highly suggest every company on the planet give the gift of relaxation to their employees – it’s priceless.”

Kira K. – Las Vegas, NV

“Mary with Massage Frog is an amazing massage therapist. She is highly skilled, thorough and she makes you feel comfortable. Her massages are very soothing and calming and I have recommended her to many of my friends.”
James P. – Las Vegas, NV

“After a long week of physical work, my upper back & shoulders were hurting. Mary showed up at my house with a massage chair ready to go. This was perfect, I didnt have to leave my house and the price was right. Mary was great! She set up quickly, she asked for my main hurting points, listened to me about the type of work I do so she could tailor the perfect massage that was right for me. Mary is also very sweet and pleasant to talk with. The massage did the trick and I felt great afterwards. I can’t wait to get another massage with her again.”
Maureen E. – Las Vegas, NV