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Corporate & Business Chair Massage

Chair Massage For Corporations And Businesses

Healthy happy employees equal increased productivity, so let Massage Frog in Las Vegas and Oklahoma City provide chair massages on-site at your workplace. Realize the financial benefits of increased employee morale and enthusiasm through chair massage.

Benefits Of Massage

In several studies, chair massage has been proven to improve an employee’s creative skills and enhance problem-solving abilities pertaining to complicated tasks. It also relieves workplace stress, anxiety, and fatigue, thereby increasing energy and improving job performance. In addition to relieving the aches and pains of arthritis, particularly in the neck and back, chair massage can prevent and treat the numbness resulting from continual use of a keyboard and mouse. Massage can even reduce blood pressure and enhance the immune system to resist colds and flu. These effects are effective immediately after a session with our skilled therapists and can last for weeks.

Improve Employee Morale

Corporate & Business Chair MassageProviding this added benefit to your company wellness program shows your employees that you care about their health and well-being. Massage also greatly improves morale and your bottom line. Acknowledging their contribution and performance by providing chair massage has been shown to increase job satisfaction, encourage cooperation and teamwork, and reduce absenteeism. It is relatively inexpensive but creates an enormous amount of good will and helps to attract and keep valuable employees.

Restore Company Culture

Offering innovative programs such as on-site chair massage can enhance your company’s image and assist in attracting top-notch candidates to join your organization. It increases company pride and loyalty and creates a positive working environment. Such incentives can get your company through a move, restructuring or an increased seasonal demand.

Improve Sales and Productivity

If you are wondering how providing this perk can affect your bottom line, rest assured that the enhanced performance of your staff will result in greater productivity and competitiveness. Many national companies have incorporated chair massage into their benefits program and, according to Fortune Magazine, have increased their revenues, as a result. The reduction in absenteeism, turnover, stress-related illness, repetitive injuries, and workers comp claims after providing on-site chair massage has also led to significant cost savings. And compared to other benefit programs such as health insurance, childcare or vacation time, it is relatively inexpensive.

Give your employees the ultimate relaxing experience of a chair massage from Massage Frog. Contact us today for a single session or to work out an ongoing program.