Poolside Chair Massage

Poolside Chair Massage

Massage Frog of Las Vegas is your go-to for professional poolside chair massage company. Do you have a private pool, hotel or casino pool, community pool, or other pool that could be transformed into a luxurious retreat with the simple addition of a poolside massage? If so, let our experienced massage therapists bring our compact, portable massage chairs to your pool so you and your guests can experience the incomparable luxury and relaxation of chair massage by the pool.

Chair Massage Vs. Table Massage

With chair massage, there is no required disrobing and the focus remains on the head, neck and shoulders. Chair massage is often more appealing for people who are concerned with getting undressed for a full body massage and this can be more comfortable way to receive an enjoyable massage in public places – like at a pool party. Traditional massage tables are heavy and often stationary, requiring more space than a typical massage chair. The mobility of our chair massage stations allow us to set up and move our location easily.

Get Everyone In On The Action

Chair massages are typically shorter, on average, due to the concentration on the upper torso and head. This means a person can receive a wonderful experience in a short amount of time, and they will feel completely relaxed quickly. There is also a fast transition between clients because there’s no need to let each person undress and redress back into wet swimming suits. This means we can service a higher volume of people while giving each person focused attention to the most tense areas on their body. If everyone at your pool event can receive our services = everyone is happy.

Benefits Of Massage

Now the benefits of massage can be experienced virtually anywhere due the mobility of massage chairs. Massage is not only pleasing to the senses, but it’s also a highly respected aspect of a healthy lifestyle because of the positive impact on the body and mind. It increases blood flow, sending extra oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs, and it reduces the impact of stress on the nervous system. Studies have shown the significant health benefits of stress reduction, and how if left unchecked, stress can damage the body.

Massage For Pool Parties

Poolside Chair MassageIf you are hosting a pool party and want to provide your guests with a sophisticated poolside experience, Massage Frog can manage everything you need down to the experienced massage therapists and the chair itself. We can fit our chairs in compact spaces, leaving you and your guests the rest of the poolside area for lounging.

Contracted Services For Hotel & Casino Pools

If you are looking to provide poolside chair massage but don’t want the hassle of managing it as a permanent aspect of your business, Massage Frog contracts out its chair massage services to hotels and casinos. Now you can offer your guests the many benefits of massage without the hassle of managing personnel and other aspects of the business.

Book Your Massage Therapist Today

Are you ready to take your Las Vegas pool experience to the next level? Call Massage Frog today to explore all of the possibilities. Once you experience the wonders of on-site mobile chair massage, you may never set foot in another spa again.